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I have next html code:

<ul class="nav">
    <li class="active">
      <a href="/users/page">Page</a>

I want to make sure that i have li tag with class "active" and inside of that text.

So, i tried that:

response.should have_selector( "li", :class => "active" ,:content => "Page")

And it doesn't work, i get such error:

Failure/Error: response.should have_selector( "li", :class => "active" ,:content => "Page")
       expected following output to contain a <li class='active'>Page</li> tag:

How can i solve my problem?

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I think you can add the class to the css selector. Something like:

response.body.should have_selector( "li.active", :content => 'Page')
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I solved it:

response.body.should have_selector( "li.active") do
   have_selector('a', :content => 'Pages')
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We've had similar issues with Watir testing in that the :class matcher is an exact string match; not like a CSS class selector at all.

Our workaround was to switch to an xpath selector, e.g.:

response.should have_selector("li", :xpath => 'contains(@class, "active")')

A caveat: I have not had a chance to test the above code; I'm just showing how we've used 'contains' against the @class attribute to match partial class strings.

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