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The first repository is on server_A, there is server B and C got it's clone, and commit/push a few to original server_A. Then, server_A down. From server_C, How to push to server_B instead?

Git is designed for this kind of condition. But I found many terms and options in "git help remote", they are branches, masters, heads, tags, urls, merge mirrors and mores. A line of command for this condition would be helpful, thank you.

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@wurfkeks and @larsmans are both right, and after server_A up again, git pull server_B <my_branch> make it up to date. By the way, git fetch not work for me. – Andrew_1510 Mar 7 '12 at 22:26

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I'd suggest to add a second remote url to the repository of server_C. Go into the folder that contains your repository on server_C. Then execute

git remote add server_b <url-to-repository-b>

and then you can push changes:

git push server_b [reference]
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git remote add serverB user@serverB:foo/bar.git
git push serverB <branch>
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