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Hey everyone. My friend and I are re-learning Visual Basic, and we are stumped on this bit of code.

For intAsterisks As Integer = 0 To intLine - 1
  lblAsterisks.Text = lblAsterisks.Text + "*"

We need to be able to make that from a For Next code into a Do Loop code. Could anyone assist us?

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I would ask the question "Why do you need to convert it?"

Dim i as Integer = 0
Do While i < intLine
    lblAsterisks.Text = lblAsterisks.Text + "*"
    i = i + 1
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dim intAsterisks as integer = 0
Do While intAsterisks < intLine
    'Do stuff
    intAsterisks = intAsterisks + 1
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dim i as integer
Private sub command1_click()
  For i = 0 to 30 Step 1
  Print (i)
end sub 
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It's best to leave some explanation for the code. –  Serge Belov Nov 30 '12 at 3:21

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