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I'm building a blog for a website and I'm learning PDO as I go. I need some help with some URL and PDO stuff.

Currently I can display my blog entries and all associated info on the blog page. When I click on the title (linked to the full blog post) I am doing this:

<h2><a href="blog.php?<?php echo urlencode($row['title'])?>"><?php echo $row['title'] ?></a></h2>

The output gives me something like this:


So, I figured I'd use $_GET to see if $row['title'] is set. If so, display the full blog post else display all blog entries like so:

if ($_GET == urlencode($sth->fetch())) { ?> **//This is where I'm stuck**
... Code here to display full blog post

<?php } else { ?>

while($row = $sth->fetch()) {  ?>
.... Code here to display ALL blog posts

So, how do I use $_GET to check if the title matches and if so, display the full post? If this isn't the most efficient way, please recommend an alternative. Thanks!!

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Why not use $_GET['id'] instead of title? –  Frederick Marcoux Mar 7 '12 at 22:49

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The most efficient way would be to do it like Stack Overflow; look:


They have both the post ID and the title, but they only use the ID to fetch the right data.

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That would make sense :). thanks. So, I'm checking $_GET before I define $row. How can I use PDO to return JUST the id so I'm able to do a comparison? –  Paul Dessert Mar 7 '12 at 22:55

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