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My controller looks something like this:

    Controller: function(model, view){

    var vlist = $.ViewListener({
        clickItem : function(Item){
            switch (Item) {
                case 'File':
                    //do something
                    //do something else

    var mlist = $.ModelListener({
        gotContent : function(Item) {
            switch (Item.type) {
                case 'Download':
                    //do someting else
                    //do something else
            //update view


How do I use the clickItem function from a page that was not created by the MVC?

I have tried view.clickItem and many other ways however nothing is defined because it is all in private functions.

I load the MVC like this:

    var model = new $.Model();
    var view = new $.View($("#framework"));
    var controller = new $.Controller(model, view);

Basically I have link that I would like to act the same way as the clickItem function.

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Should probably clarify that the MVC does fetch the page just not create it. – Craig Mar 8 '12 at 5:05
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Was able to get around this by using jQuery's .live() method. On the ajax success callback I ran a jQuery .live() method to attach an onclick event to the element that calls the clickItem() function.

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It is now recommended to use the .on() method – Craig Mar 16 '12 at 5:13

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