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LearnBoost seems to have a new project called that in theory seems to be similar to 1) Under what scenarios would you use one versus the other? 2) For new projects that require HTML5 sockets based communication over node.js, should we use and NOT

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Duplicate?… – DashK Mar 8 '12 at 0:10

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The main goal of Engine is ensuring the most reliable realtime communication. Unlike the previous core, it always establishes a long-polling connection first, then tries to upgrade to better transports that are "tested" on the side.

During the lifetime of the projects, we've found countless drawbacks to relying on HTML5 WebSocket or Flash Socket as the first connection mechanisms.

Both are clearly the right way of establishing a bidirectional communication, with HTML5 WebSocket being the way of the future. However, to answer most business needs, alternative traditional HTTP 1.1 mechanisms are just as good as delivering the same solution.

share|improve this answer is the new core for, so use unless you want some other API :-) According to the author of both modules, engine will be integrated into 1.0:

"What's next

1.0 is right around the corner, which features our next-generation realtime core, Engine.IO. The 0.9 branch will only receive maintenance updates to ensure maximum stability. "

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I would say 0.9 is brealy usable in its current state, it just doesn't work for to many different client situations. 1.0 has been 'right around the corner' for a very long time. Time to give up and just use me thinks. – Josh Mc Oct 13 '12 at 6:26
At least it still seems to be in development, thought it had been abandoned. – Daniel West Mar 25 '13 at 19:56 is already version 1.3.5 and works great. – Lukas Liesis Jun 26 at 21:50

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