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If I have GHC installed in /opt/ghc and all the Haskell libraries in /opt/haskell (--global), how would I go about GHC upgrades?

All I need to do to upgrade GHC is remove its directory and untar a new one. How do I make this new GHC installation aware about all the packages in /opt/haskell? Do I have to recompile all the packages with the new GHC? Is there a bulk register command or something?


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This is a bad idea. Packages compiled with one GHC aren't compatible with packages compiled with another; the ABI isn't stable, and upgrading to a new major version of GHC practically guarantees that previously-compiled libraries won't work. You'll have to recompile your packages when you upgrade GHC, I'm afraid.

See this GHC FAQ entry: Do I have to recompile all my code if I upgrade GHC?

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Thanks. Shame though ... :( Very inconvenient if you have tons of packages residing in ~/.cabal or in some global location. At least, is there a convenient way to bulk recompile all available packages with the new compiler? – r.sendecky Mar 8 '12 at 2:57
cabal install --reinstall world should do it. – ehird Mar 8 '12 at 3:01

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