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I'm using Node.js with Cradle to call a CouchDB update handler. I need to pass an array in the querystring, but when I read the req.query object in CouchDB, only the first array value is available. So, for example using Cradle .update method:

db.update("myview/myupdate", id, {title:'sometitle',tags:['one','two']}, function }...

But when I check the QS value passed to CouchDB it's:


Then in the CouchDB update function, req.query.tags only gives me "two". I noticed that Cradle uses require("querystring") to do the "querystring.stringify", so I also tried visionmedia's require("qs") but then "qs.stringify" gives me:


It would seem that CouchDB wants the tags array passed as:


How can I build a querystring that looks like that?

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Are you saying this is a bug in craddle? If so, you should open an issue. –  DeaDEnD Mar 8 '12 at 4:35

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You may use Connect and his query middleware.

npm install connect
var connect = require('connect');

var server = connect();
server.use(function (req, res, next) {

Point your browser to

You will see: {"tags":["tag1","tag2","tag3"]}

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