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I need my Android Listview to display a Help screen as a header which will be displayed when the user over scrolled.

I tried using PulltoRefreshListView, But, i have a problem when the number of rows are less and the height is less than the list height. The header view is automatically displayed even before pulling it down.

I achieved this functionality very easily in 2.2 android version by using a small line of below code.


This piece of code is not working for 2.3 and above as the overscroll is locked in those versions.

Even there is a method like setOverscrollMethod(int) for 2.3 and above, but is not working.

Can someone help me to resolve this... ?

My requirement is just to display a help screen which will be coming from the top of the listview when user overscrolled from top to bottom.

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Maybe you can use this widget

It will not shows header when lines' height is less than ListView's.

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This one worked for me after doing lot of tweaks to the code. Any way thanks for the suggestion. –  Pavandroid Mar 8 '12 at 16:24

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