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First off - I'm not super familiar with Flash Builder or ActionScript. I have an ActionScript project in Flash Builder. I know I can generate a swc file by doing Project > Build, and it will build a swc file from my ActionScript source code.

Is there a way to generate the swc in command line or ant? I'd like to be able to put this build process inside a build script so I don't need to go through Flash Builder to build the swc file everytime.


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Yes, see compc.

compc -source-path . -include-classes MyComponent -output MyComponent.swc (source file for MyComponent) is in the current directory, which is why -source-path is set to ..

If you have many classes for your library, you can use a manifest file with a namespace.


There's also the compc ant task.

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thank you, this is just what i was looking for! – triad Mar 8 '12 at 23:34

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