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We have an application running on jQuery. In this, there is requirement of implementing Bayaux protocol. But AFAIK, only DOJO has implemented the Bayaux protocol in the form of cometd.

As we are fully dependent on jQuery, we can not import whole dojo toolkit release just for this implementation.

My question is -
Is there any implementation of Bayaux(cometd) for Jquery ?
If not, Is there any micro framework which provides this implementation?
If not, can I extract ony Bayaux related stuff from Dojo toolkit and exclude everything else?

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Seems like this question has been answered before: Comet and jQuery

http://cometd.org/documentation/cometd-javascript (references jquery/jquery.cometd.js) http://cometd.org/documentation/howtos/primer

The jquery plugin exists in the tutorial above.

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