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I'm looking for a way to make an RGB color 'warmer'. I initially tried increasing the R component of an RGB color to make it warmer, but that yielded unexpected results. What's the correct way to increase the warmth of an RGB color?

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is 'warmth' quantifiable? – max Mar 8 '12 at 4:07
Not sure what you mean. Of course warmth is quantifiable. You make a color warmer by adding red. Trouble is, you can't just add red. There are formulas you need to use to add the proper amounts of red and modify the blue and green components of the RGB color accordingly, and those formulas are what I'm looking for. – Elliot Bonneville Mar 8 '12 at 4:09
I call that redness :) Should hue / saturation / brightness stay constant? – max Mar 8 '12 at 4:27
sorry: Should saturation / brightness stay constant? – max Mar 8 '12 at 4:33
if you're still working on this, have you considered mapping the colour temperature (, adjusting it a degree or 2 and then converting it back to RGB? – dnagirl May 30 '12 at 20:21

I'm not sure if you're using Python or not - actually I just posted another answer referencing the colorsys library, so I promise I'm not selling it - but I would convert my RGB values to HSV and increase the "value" or do an if-then and check some values to see where I could increase my warmth. Sometimes increasing saturation makes an image look cartoony, where you've basically regressed from complex colors down to primary ones.

Good luck!

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