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If I need data on the fly from a script, I usually do a jQuery $.post() method and then on the backend, my PHP script echo's the info I need.

This sounds like a stupid question, but is there a way to actually just get something returned and then use that data in javascript?

My example is

$.post('script.php', vars,
            function(data) {  

So i can console.log the data and this is what I get

returned stuff from php

But how can I actually use that data? Is there something I'm missing? I want to be able to go

return $data;

in PHP, and then use that data in javascript. Please tell me if this is a stupid question and I'm going down the wrong path.

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For one, you can turn that data into a json object, and use it in your js

your php:


your jquery

$.post('script.php', vars,
            function(data) {  
            }, 'json');

If you look at your console, data is now a javascript object

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excellent thanks. –  a53-416 Mar 8 '12 at 4:31

from php

echo json_encode($data);

from jquery

$.post('script.php', vars,
            function(data) {  

var new_data = $.parseJSON(data);

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