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I cannot redirect log messages when building GUI applications in wxWidgets. I've tried the following snippet

delete wxLog::SetActiveTarget(new wxLogStderr()) ;

so that every call to wxLogXXX would cause a message to be print in the standard error output, not as a message dialog presented to the user. However, it had no effect, and logs continue to be present as dialog messages.

Am I missing something?


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Try removing the delete. Simply call SetActiveTarget

wxLog::SetActiveTarget(new wxLogStderr()) ;

Here's what it looks like in my IDE ( VS2008 )

enter image description here

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You do need to either delete the returned pointer or store it and call SetActiveTarget() with it later to restore it (and you need to delete your own target in this case, of course), otherwise you have a memory leak. And in any case deleting or not the returned pointer shouldn't change the behaviour of the new target so the OP has some other problem. –  VZ. Mar 9 '12 at 1:11

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