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Hi all could you just tell what is the difference between Twitter Authenticate and Authorize

$twitterConnect = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET);
$twitterToken = $twitterConnect->getRequestToken();

$redirect_url = $twitterConnect->getAuthorizeURL($twitterToken, true); // authenticate 
$redirect_url = $twitterConnect->getAuthorizeURL($twitterToken, false); //authorize
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With oauth/authenticate if the user is signed into and has previously authorized the application to access their account they will be silently redirected back to the app.

With oauth/authorize the user will allows see the allow screen regardless if they have previously authorized the app.

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This method differs from GET oauth / authorize in that if the user has already granted the application permission, the redirect will occur without the user having to re-approve the application.


  1. You must enable "Sign in with Twitter" in the application settings to achieve this.
  2. Desktop applications must use this authorize and not authenticate.
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