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I am using lighttpd for my server. On main page i saw some IO benchmark. And i saw some config-key:

server.use-noatime = "enable" server.max-stat-threads = 2 server.max-read-threads = 64

But when i put that config-key to my lighttpd.conf and restart lighttpd Error show:

2012-03-08 07:00:21: (server.c.968) WARNING: unknown config-key: server.use-noatime (ignored) 2012-03-08 07:00:21: (server.c.968) WARNING: unknown config-key: server.max-stat-threads (ignored) 2012-03-08 07:00:21: (server.c.968) WARNING: unknown config-key: server.max-read-threads (ignored)

Can anyone help me how to use those config-key?


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Those configs only work in lighttpd 1.5.0 which was never officially released (you can find a pre-release at which you'll note is dated 2007).

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