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i write a code something like { xtype:'numberfield', maxLength: 3,


but maxlength doesn't work for me any one have any suggestion and any alternate of maxLength attribute as in numberfield config i can see maxLength attribute in sencha touch docs but i don't understand why its not working in my case. also it work if i write textfield instead of numberfield.

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this is a bug in sencha touch library

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this problem seems to be fixed in Sencha touch 2, so can you try to upgrade the library if possible ? –  SilentSakky Mar 9 '12 at 8:35

It doesn't work well even on Sencha Touch 2, you have to do some workaround listener:

                 listeners: {
                            keyup: function( textfield, e, eOpts ) {
                                var value = textfield.getValue()+'';
                                var length = value.length;

                                console.log(value + ' len: ' + length); 

                                if (length > MAX_LENGTH){
                                    textfield.setValue(value.substring(0, MAX_LENGTH));
                                    return false;


However, doesn't work quite well when the browser formats the number with thousand separators or something like that.

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