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A straight forward implementation of a Singleton pattern without using Metaclass:

class A{
    static final instance = new A()
    private A(){}

    static getInstance(){return instance}

Why is it that the private constructor is not respected by groovy? Though one can tell by intuition that it is a singleton looking at the pattern, Unlike java, such an implementation does not restrict the programmer from creating a new instance of this class using new A() outside the scope of this class. So shouldn't this be considered as a flaw in its implementation?

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Have you tried using the Singleton annotation transform? –  tim_yates Mar 8 '12 at 8:44

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You can replace the code above with:

class A{

and access the singleton instance via:

A singleton = A.instance
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It's a bug in current Groovy implementation, so nothing is really private in Groovy. Take a look at its JIRA issue. I also wrote a short article about it recently.

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