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I have to create web application similar to twitter with a few tweaks using django. I am clueless if I have to use a CMS for this or any other existing django-application. Working from ground up is quite tedious to be honest. Can anyone recommend me which CMS( or anything else) I should attempt trying?

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“I have to create web application similar to Twitter with a few tweaks using django.” Please accept my sympathies. “Working from ground up is quite tedious to be honest.” I’m sure the Twitter guys found it tedious too :) There was a Twitter competitor, Pownce, that implemented at least it's web presence using Django, but I don’t think they ever released their source code after shutting down. –  Paul D. Waite Mar 8 '12 at 8:28
Twitter itself was originally built using Ruby on Rails using (I think) a CMS approach, but that was found to not scale well with lots of users — see e.g. highscalability.com/…. I’m not sure if you’ll run into the same sorts of problems, but treating a Twitter-like service as a CMS may not be the best approach. –  Paul D. Waite Mar 8 '12 at 8:30

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There is a project called trillr1. According to its page: "Trillr is a Twitter-like microblogging service enhanced with user directory and group discussion features. " that's maybe what you want.


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I guess, the closest you can come with an out-of-the-box software to imitate Twitter is Status.net, the software, that powers identi.ca. However, this is a PHP application.

I'm not aware of something similar in the Django world.

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