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My Goal is to trigger a tooltip within a map area by hovering in a list next to the map. The Tooltips should therefore appear in the map and not in the list.

Also, hovering over the map should trigger the tooltip.

Example: I have a map of a city and I want some dots on the map to be explained by a tooltip - XY's Restaurant, XY Park, XY Museum. Hovering over the dots should trigger the Tooltip, as well as hovering in the list.

I used this plugin: http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-tooltip/

Hovering over the map works like a charm, but i cannot get the tooltips to appear when hovering over the list. I think it doesn't work because it uses the mouse position to calculate the tooltip position.

At the moment i use

$(function() {
        $("a.toolTip").tooltip({ positionLeft: true });

for the map part:

<a class="toolTip" target="_blank" title="Area-Tooltip 1" href="xy"></a>

But i don't know how to let the "Area-Tooltip 1" tooltip appear over the Map by this trigger (list)

<a class="ToolTipList" href="xy" target="_blank">ListElement1</a>

Hovering over class "ToolTipList" should fire up the Class "toolTip" ToolTip at the Position of class "toolTip".

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Well, the hover "event" is actually just a combination of the mouseover and mouseleave events. Have you tried triggering those manually for the map elements? –  Richard Neil Ilagan Mar 8 '12 at 7:39
you can trigger event manually by running .trigger() command eg.here api.jquery.com/trigger –  Alan Kuras Mar 8 '12 at 7:41
i tried it by ('a.ToolTip').trigger('mouseover') The problem is that the tooltip gets its position by the mouse position - which is at another position. So the displaying tooltip is on the wrong position –  f.m. Mar 8 '12 at 8:13

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