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I would like to ask is this code thread safe? There is a problem with attachment object. It is passed by reference to the new thread where MailHelper use it and sometimes the attachment object is mixed between threads.

public static void Start() 
    foreach (var message in messages)
        //skip code
        var fileName = httpWebResponse.GetResponseHeader("filename");
        var fileStream = httpWebResponse.GetResponseStream();
        var attachment = new Attachment(fileStream, fileName);

        var thread = new Thread(() =>
            var dictionary = new ListDictionary
                { "$Url$", message.Url }


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Like the comments said the message object is mixed between threads,. The attachment state is then unknown and possibly strange but not the problem. –  CodingBarfield Mar 8 '12 at 8:27

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No this will probably not be working - but it's not only the attachment (see Darins answer) but the message object you use as an iterator as well - you will have to copy it to a local instance before calling your Thread like this:

var messageCopy = message;
new Thread(a =>
            new ListDictionary { { "$Url$", messageCopy .Url } },
            a as MailAttachment)

If you really want to you could pass this as parameter - just like Darin did with it's variant but I don't think this is really needed)

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I don't see a problem with attachment. True, it's captured in a closure, but as it's declared inside the loop, there should not be any problem with that.

However, there is a problem with message. Try var message1 = message; and then use message1 in the lambda.

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