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Is there any java API/java plugin which can generate Database ER diagram when java connection object is provided as input.

Ex: InputSream generateDatabaseERDiagram(java connection object)// where inputsream will point to generated ER diagram image

The API should work with oracle,mysql,postgresql?

I was going through schemacrawler(http://schemacrawler.sourceforge.net/) tool but didint got any API which could do this.

If no API like this is there then let me know how can write my own API? I want to generate ER diagram for all the schema in a database or any specific schema if the schema name is provided as input.

It will be helpful if you show some light on how to achieve this task.

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schemacrawler looks promising. Consider using the example, write image to a temp folder and open it with your java application afterwards. –  Andreas_D Mar 8 '12 at 9:21
I didint understood the example given in schema crawler?I mean which API is used in schema crawler to generate ER diagram..and how? can you paste that sample code here?Only I undesrtood this API in schemacrawler final Database database = SchemaCrawlerUtility.getDatabase(connection, options); for (final Schema schema: database.getSchemas()) {} I know this API can be used to crawl through schema,table,column etc –  Rajesh Mar 8 '12 at 19:09

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If I understood you question correctly, you might take a look at: JGraph

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