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Is it possible to list line number of the records that the length of field#4 not equal to 3 in one command line?

Let say I have this data (Tab separator)

John Smith  25  O   ATG 180
Peter Jackson   40  AB  GGTA    173
Carl Anderson   32  A   GGT 172
Michael Phillips    28  B   TT  165
Lisa Mount  30  B   GTAA    168

Data in the field#4 here are ATG, GGTA, GGT, TT, GTAA. So the output should be either


or (NULL can be replaced by anything)


I prefer the first output. The second one is just in case that the first output is impossible to do

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Try this:

$ awk -F'\t' '{print $4}' input.txt | cat -n |
  grep -Ev '[[:space:]][CTAG][CTAG][CTAG]$' | 
  awk '{print $1}'
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Another solution, but in Perl:

perl  -F'\t' -lane 'length($F[3])==3 or print $.' input.txt

Quick explanation:

  • -a autosplits each line of the input
  • -F (like in @holygeek's awk solution) allows to define the split pattern
  • the result of the split can be accessed in the array @F
  • $. is a variable which contains the current line number of the input
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