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I use VS2010, C# to develop my ASP.NET web app, my users can login with their own username/pass and then they can view site, I want to limit users so that each users cannot login simultaneously with one username, i.e. when a user has logined with his username, he this username cannot be logined again until we have logout, I create a session for each user when he logins (session["userid"= user_id_obtained_from_database), I'm going to check all active sessions when when a user logins, I'll only allow my user to login if there is no active session["userid"] with his userid

I remove all user sessions when he logouts, but what happens when a user suddenly closes his browser page? in this case how can I destroy user session id so that he can login again? will user session remain open until the session expires? so if a user closes browser page (instead of loging out), he cannot login again until his sessions expires on server?

please help me thanks

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You can fire an AJAX call on the body onbeforeunload event to register the exit of a page. If you get one of these with no further page request then the user has left your site.

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thanks friend, where should I put this event? on each page or on global.asax? is there any sample describing it more? – Ali_dotNet Mar 8 '12 at 9:21
You need to put the code to call the AJAX in the HTML : <body onbeforeunload="ajaxFunctionLeavePage()">. You should have the AJAX call an ashx handler that deals with the session info passed through. – cjk Mar 8 '12 at 11:01

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