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I have an iOS app which fetches information from server, and upon problems can degrade gracefully omitting those errors from user. A possible cause could be some wrong or missing deployment on server, which I would like to notified if experienced by an user.

I would therefore like to submit some of those issues to some "central point", so that I can investigate and sort the problem before receiving complaints from users. On a desktop application, natural choices would be snmp traps, syslogs entries or some custom log upload to a server. For comparison, during testing I use TestFlight's NSLog replacement that gives me exactly what I'd like also to have in production. What are the good practices on iOS that are ok with Apple during app review ?

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I do mainly enterprise development and use my own logging class that sends log entries to a database server (via a web service). That server then runs a job that sends out any new entries in that table to a reporting services report that gets emailed daily (if there are new entries).

An option for a turn key solution that is similar is Hockey App it allows you to do some pretty cool logging and crash reporting. This is an established framework that shouldn't pose a problem during app review. One piece of advice for commercial apps though is that you give the user the choice about whether to send these logs automatically. I wouldn't feel comfortable using someone's data to send information without their approval. In any event, Hockey App sounds and with the research I have done would be a good solution to what you are wanting to do.

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