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i want to know if Zend Framework has any class for handling cookies. a class that wraps php's setcookie() function for example. thanks in advance.

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Zend_Http_Cookie is just a component to create RFC compatible cookie strings and to test a cookie against a given HTTP request scenario. Its primary purpose is to assist in cookie-scenarios with Zend_Http_Client in the Zend_Http package.

I assume that you're looking for a wrapper set cookies - perhaps compared to Zend_Session. There currently is no such component to assist you with creating cookies (setcookie() is the right way to go). To read cookies you can resort to the appropriate method Zend_Controller_Request_Http::getCookie($key = null, $default = null).

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yah, i was looking for a wrapper set cookies. i will use php's setcookie functions. thanks anyway. –  rahim Jun 7 '09 at 10:45

If you wan't for example $_COOKIE['foo'] you use


What I've talked in #zftalk @freenode PHP's own setcookie() is correct way to set client's cookie.

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