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We're evaluating OTRS as a ticketing system. It gives us all the features we want but it has one big blocker issue. It's slow! It can be slow when 1 user is using it at a time sometimes so you can imagine what happens when a few of us do... We have it now running on a Virtual machine with 6GB of RAM and 2 x 2.8GHz CPUs.

Is there a way to improve it's performance?

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There are several options to improve the performance of the OTRS: AS per the OTRS.org we have two backend modules for the ticket index.

    $Self->{TicketIndexModule} = 'Kernel::System::Ticket::IndexAccelerator::RuntimeDB';

Kernel::System::Ticket::IndexAccelerator::RuntimeDB (default), generate each queue view on the fly from the ticket table. You will not have performance trouble until you have about 60,000 tickets (with 6,000 open tickets) in your system.

Kernel::System::Ticket::IndexAccelerator::StaticDB, the most powerful module, it should be used when you have above 80,000 tickets (more than 6,000 open tickets) - use an extra ticket_index table, works like a view. Use bin/RebuildTicketIndex.pl for an initial index build

and we have two backend modules for the ticket/article storage.

    $Self->{TicketStorageModule} = 'Kernel::System::Ticket::ArticleStorageDB';

Kernel::System::Ticket::ArticleStorageDB (default), store attachments etc. in the database. Note: Don't use it for larger set ups.

Pro: If your webserver user isn't the otrs user, use this module to avoid file permission problems.

Contra: It's not really advisable to store attachments in your database. Take care that your database is able to store large objects.

E.g. MySQL (config) "set-variable = max_allowed_packet=8M" to store 8 MB objects (default is 2M).

Kernel::System::Ticket::ArticleStorageFS, store attachments etc. in the local file system. Note: Use it for larger set ups. Pro: Faster! Contra: Your webserver user should be the otrs user (file system permissions!).

Note: If you use OTRS 1.2 or higher, you can switch from one to the other backend on the fly.

We have implemented these changes which improves the speed independent of number of users using the Tool.

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One might take time to mention when they copy-paste their answer 1:1 from the manual page and "we" referred in the answer does not refer to their own personal experience. –  geekuality Mar 25 '14 at 7:04
This answer does not address the question. The user is in a test system. There are not more than 6000 tickets, which invalidates all the points mentioned. –  Routh May 26 at 18:31

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