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I am using Sunburnt Python Api For Solr Search

I am using highlighted search in Sunburnt it works fine

I am using the following code

search_record = solrconn.query(search_text).highlight("content").highlight("title")
records = search_record.execute().highlighting

Problem is it returns only 10 records. I know it can be change from solr-config.xml but issue is i want all records

I want to apply pagination using highlighted search of sunburnt

can any one help me ....

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Given the SOLR-534 issue, which is still unresolved, you can't tell Solr to give you all results, but you can use a really high rows parameter depending on how many documents you expect to have in your index. I don't know anything about sunburnt but I believe something like this should work:

search_record = solrconn.query(search_text).paginate(rows=10000).highlight("content").highlight("title")

You just have to replace the rows value with something enough big depending on your index size.

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thx javanna it works –  Muhammad Umair Mar 8 '12 at 11:33

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