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I am trying to get email, country and IP address from visitor and store into CSV and also will send email to the site owner.

I am not much familiar but I got most thing works but not able to rid off Undefined error for $cvsData .= "\"$email\",\"$ip\"".PHP_EOL; line...

Error Message: Notice: Undefined index: ip_address in

Here is my code


// this is to store form into csv file
        $email = $_POST["email"];
        $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

            echo "ERROR MESSAGE";
        $cvsData .= "\"$email\",\"$ip\"".PHP_EOL;
        $fp = fopen("emails.csv", "a");

            fwrite($fp,$cvsData); // Write information to the file
            fclose($fp); // Close the file
            echo "<h3>Thank you! we will inform you.....</h3>";


// this is to send email to site owner

    // Contact subject
    $email ="$email";
    // Enter your email address
    $to ='';

    $subject ='site Email Submited';


    // Check, if message sent to your email
    // display message "We've recived your information"
        echo "Email address is sent to the department.";
    } else {
        echo "ERROR";


Form has only one field name="email" and submit button

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Error is not in your code (that you pasted in) because ip_address is not mentioned.

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