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I am trying to pass a parameter to a login method and I want to switch the base uri based on that parameter.

Like so:

class Managementdb
  include HTTParty

  def self.login(game_name)
        case game_name
        when "game1"
            self.base_uri = "http://game1"
        when "game2"
            self.base_uri = "http://game2"
        when "game3"
            self.base_uri = "http://game3"

    response = self.get("/login")

        if response.success?
      @authToken = response["authToken"]
      # this just raises the net/http response that was raised
      raise response.response    


Base uri does not set when I call it from a method, how do I get that to work?

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In HTTParty, base_uri is a class method which sets an internal options hash. To dynamically change it from within your custom class method login you can just call it as a method (not assigning it as if it was a variable).

For example, changing your code above, this should set base_uri as you expect:

case game_name
  when "game1"
    # call it as a method
    self.base_uri "http://game1"

Hope it helps.

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this seems to be working :) thanks. –  Joseph Le Brech Mar 8 '12 at 11:33
If you need to call a class method of a Mixin in your initialize() method, you need to call YourClassName.mixin_class_method. –  spier Sep 1 '12 at 8:55
In my initialize method I had to call self.class.base_uri "http://example.com" for it to work. –  hamstar May 19 '13 at 9:24

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