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So I have an AbstractSyntaxTreeNode.java class (here is part of it)

public abstract class ASTreeNode implements Iterable<ASTreeNode>{

protected List<ASTreeNode> children;

protected ASTreeNode(){
  children = new LinkedList<ASTreeNode>();

protected ASTreeNode(ASTreeNode... children){
  for(ASTreeNode c: children)

And then I have another class Operation that extends ASTreeNode

public class Operation extends ASTreeNode
  char s;

  private Operation(Term t)
    super(t, t.getChild(0), t.getChild(1));

How do I throw in all of object t's (which also extends ASTreeNode) children into the super ctor arguments? Without hardcoding it like that? I tried super(t, t.children) but the constructor does not take a List in the argument, only ASTreeNodes are taken.

Oh and this is class term

public class Term extends ASTreeNode
  char symbol;

private Term(Factor f)
  super(f, f.getChild(0));

And theres a bunch more classes that send up their children into another node

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Add a constructor in ASTreeNode that accept's a List as it's argument.

public abstract class ASTreeNode ... {

    public ASTreeNode(List<? extends ASTreeNode> children) {
        this.children = children;

public class Operation extends ASTreeNode {
    char s;

    private Operation(Term t) {
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Would it be possible to do it without editing class ASTreeNode? We're not supposed to change that file (it was given to us to help us with our homework) I will double check to see if I can change it, thank you for the help! –  user1256783 Mar 8 '12 at 12:05
Do you have a method that will get let you get all the children fo a ASTreeNode? –  Pradeep Gollakota Mar 8 '12 at 13:07
Ooops I figured out that I don't actually need to do this. I think. Because the tree is already constructed, I just need to go through the tree by doing something like root = root.getChild(0) or root.getChild(1) and put that in some kind of recursion or loop. Sorry for the late response and thanks for helping –  user1256783 Mar 8 '12 at 13:39

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