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i would like to know if it is possible when creating a rdlc report use values from TextBoxes with a value already, for exemple i have a textbox bound to an expression:

=Fields!PrijsPerStuk.Value * 100 \ Fields!KortingPercentage.Value

Now thats textbox1 for exemple and on TextBox2 i would like to show something like:

=Fileds!PrijsPerStuk.Value - TextBox1.Value

Im not able to do like that, but is there anyway to make it possible? or do i need to change my Query in a way that i get a field with the value of textbox1?!

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If you have input parameters for you report that's the way to pass data from your application to it. Update parameters (I guess from your WPF UI) and refresh the report.

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i am not sure, but try with this: =Fileds!PrijsPerStuk.Value - ReportItems!TextBox1.Value

We use ReportItems to access other controls in the same section of a report

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=Fileds!PrijsPerStuk.Value - ReportItems("TextBox1").Value
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