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Assuming that I want to write the following HQL query:

FROM Cat c WHERE c.id IN (1,2,3)

what is the proper way of writing this as a parametrized query, e.g.

FROM Cat c WHERE c.id IN (?)
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I am unsure how to do this with positional parameter, but if you can use named parameters instead of positional, then named parameter can be placed inside brackets and setParameterList method from Query interface can be used to bind the list of values to this parameter.

Query query = session.createQuery("FROM Cat c WHERE c.id IN (:ids)");
query.setParameterList("ids", listOfIds);
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Older versions of Hibernate may not have the setParameterList method on Query. You can still call setParameter("ids", listOfIds); on the older one for the same effect.

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Why has this been changed anyways? Just spent an hour figuring out why IllegalArgumentException in class: org.ase.mip.persistence.entities.BaseEntityImpl, getter method of property: id (BasicPropertyAccessor.java:186)) was happening. I called setParameter instead of setParameterList. DOH! –  opncow Apr 4 '13 at 11:10

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