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i am newbie to driver coding. Now i am trying implement ioctl in my code. To make a call using ioctl from my user program, i need to open my special file and the return value from the 'open' call to be used as one of the argument to the ioctl call.

In my user program used the following code.In that tdriver is my special file created using mknod command.It had given all the permissions.

int fp=open("/dev/tdriver",O_RDWR);

when i tried to open the device file from my user program,result was as shown below.

$cc user.c -o op
$ ./op

Can anyone help me to solve this ?. thanks in advance.

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First you need to check the value returned by open, if it's -1 then you got an error opening it. Check errno to see what the error is (use perror or strerror to get the error as text). If you don't get an error opening the device, but get a crash later in the program, you should learn to use the gdb debugger. It will help you pinpoint the location of crashes and will let you check variables to see if they seem okay and valid. –  Joachim Pileborg Mar 8 '12 at 13:57

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Killed? Uh oh. Take a look at your kernel logs or console; there may be a kernel oops message waiting for you.

(Are you playing around with your new device driver from an X based terminal window? If the machine crashes, you won't see the last pieces of kernel output that could help you debug it. Use a text or serial console.)

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