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I've draw a path in Google Earth and then tried to export it as a kml file. I've done the trick with copy paste and it worked. I could create a kml file with all coordinates on it, unfortunately the altitude of each is coordinates is always set to 0. I have tried every altitude modes, from absolute, relativeToGround, relativeToSeaFloor, clampToGround and clampToSeaFloor and still got 0 on each.


The strange is, the elevation profile of the path on Google Earth is correct. I must do something wrong when i export to the kml file.

Can anyone tell me, how i can export the path that i have draw with the correct altitude values to a kml file ?

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Its working absolutely correct. You specify 'clampto(sea)floor' - so get a line that hugs terrain.

If you want heights for your file - you have to get it from another source.

I made a tool for it: http://www.nearby.org.uk/elevation-kml.php

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Thank you, i thought Google Earth would export heights too. –  João Nunes Mar 8 '12 at 14:23

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