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Seems like some apache module is interfering with my request uris as it suffixes ".html" to it.

My rewrite log: - - [08/Mar/2012:14:56:33 +0100] [www.example.org/sid#7ff723575b58][rid#7ff724b4fc58/initial] (1) pass through /folder/subfolder/ - - [08/Mar/2012:14:56:33 +0100] [www.example.org/sid#7ff723575b58][rid#7ff724b42468/subreq] (3) [perdir /srv/www/html/project/] add path info postfix: /srv/www/html/project/folder/subfolder.html -> /srv/www/html/trustedshops/folder/subfolder.html/ - - [08/Mar/2012:14:56:33 +0100] [www.example.org/sid#7ff723575b58][rid#7ff724b42468/subreq] (3) [perdir /srv/www/html/project/] strip per-dir prefix: /srv/www/html/project/folder/subfolder.html/ -> folder/subfolder.html/

This merely happens on our development servers. But It's hard do compare the whole apache config. Any ideas which module could be responsible?

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What are the rewriterules you are using? What urls are you using, and what to you want them to rewrite to? Just a wild stab in the dark; try adding Options -MultiViews to the htaccess –  Gerben Mar 8 '12 at 17:45
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  • Turn off MultiViews as this generates subrequests
  • Ditto DirectoryIndex with a list of possiblities.
  • Use the NS flag on your rewrite rules, or

    RewriteCond %{IS_SUBREQ}  t
    RwriteRule  ^             -   [L]
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Great! We had MultiViews enabled in our default server config, which caused the problem. –  Chris Mar 9 '12 at 13:45
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