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i have been googling since morning for an answer that meets what i need but with no luck.

i included a facebook like button to a website i am working on, but i was wondering that after a user presses the button,signs in and like the site, is there a way i can use to retrieve a list of this user's friends on facebook? and post something on their walls instantly? not just post the like on his wall.

Or if that wasn't possible, can i retrieve his friends into a csv file or something so i can later send them emails for example ? ..

what i have in mind is like how certain applications ask us for permission to access personal data in facebook and use them in thing releted to them. well same point ! so can this be done ? and if yes, how ?? if you find any links related to this or have previous experience in this domain please post an answer :) for programming solutions, i use php, yet i am still a junior developer :). thanx in advance

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I really hope there isn't! You want to spam all their friends. – MattP Mar 8 '12 at 14:09
If you could do this, it would be a security breach. I'm pretty sure it's against privacy settings. If you want to integrate with facebook, they have a dedicated page for developers on the site. Good place to start. – Luchian Grigore Mar 8 '12 at 14:10
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No, you can't get the information you want with a simple Like button.

You would have to create an App, ask for permissions and get the user to agree.

Here is the list of permissions you can ask for.

To build your App, start here.

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thank you all , actually JoRouss understood my question the most. i dont want to spam his friends, i want him to grant me permissions to access his friends if he agrees. and not necessarily a like button, anything that that could do the job , i mean his signing in so that i can contact his friends.. applications created in facebook like certain games,post on my wall like : X is sending u a request to play Game Y. how did this happen? my friend X was asked by this application to grant them permission to post on my wall and he agreed.So can an application from outside facebook do the same thing? – ZMajico Mar 9 '12 at 7:15

No, it isn't possible.

Bob liking you does not give you permission to spam all of Bob's friends.

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