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I am writing a simple app with a tab bar controller, and two tabs. The first tab will switch to another UITableViewController, which works fine. The second tab should switch to a view controller, which inherits from UIViewController, but it just shows black screen.

And I hook on ViewDidLoad, ViewDidAppear functions in the destination UIViewController, I found it is loaded well. But it just shows me a black screen. Any idea of what happen here? And how to fix it?

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remove the empty implementation of - (void)loadView from your viewController. Since you load your view from a nib (in your case storyboard) you don't need to construct your view in code (i.e. implement loadView).

It's there because of a bug (10887149) in the Xcode view controller template.

EDIT: This bug is fixed in Xcode 4.3.2. The template does no longer contain - (void)loadView

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you are right, after I comment out loadView, it works well now. thanks! –  syshen Mar 8 '12 at 15:08

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