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I have to add many registries to a table and I need help since I am starting to work with PL/SQL

I have a table with three columns (ID, KEY, VALUE). The ID & KEY has to be unique, and if there is not a value for a KEY called 'process_name' is have to create a new registry where the value has to be the same as the ID.

for example, I could have this in my table

ID      KEY            VALUE
A       cycles           4  
A       process_name     A
A       number           2
B       cycles           3
B       number           2
C       cycles           5

So, I would need to insert 2 records to the DB:

B      process_name       B
C      process_name       C

How should I start creating the script?



INSERT INTO my_table
   (SELECT distinct my_table.ID, 'process_name', my_table.ID
      FROM my_table
      WHERE my_table.ID NOT IN (SELECT distinct my_table.ID
                                 FROM my_table
                                 WHERE key = 'process_name'));  
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What version of Oracle are you using? –  Dan Mar 8 '12 at 14:28
I am using PL/SQL Developer –  Facu Alvez Mar 8 '12 at 14:50

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Assuming distinct_id is not nullable, you could use:

INSERT INTO your_table 
   (SELECT distinct id, 'process_name', id
      FROM your_table
     WHERE distinct_id NOT IN (SELECT distinct_id 
                                 FROM your_table
                                WHERE key = 'process_name'));

If distinct_id is nullable, use NOT EXISTS instead:

INSERT INTO your_table 
   (SELECT distinct id, 'process_name', id
      FROM your_table t_out
                         FROM your_table t_in
                        WHERE t_in.id = t_out.id
                          AND t_in.key = 'process_name'));
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thanks, I updated the post with the final solution! –  Facu Alvez Mar 8 '12 at 15:39

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