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I'm having an issue where I have 4 form fields in a fieldset. If certain conditions are met, I use setVisible(true/false) to hide or show the fieldset.

I'm running into a problem where I originally hide a fieldset, but when I make it appear, it doesn't display the labels and textfield boxes.

If I do it in reverse, where I show the fieldset, then hide it later, I have no problem switching between the views and having it show up properly.

I use an HBoxLayout for the fieldset. I'm wondering if it's the layout that could potentially be causing the problem or maybe it's the rendering order?

Does anyone have a workaround or solution?


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The workaround I found was removing and adding the fields again. It's still not identical, the fields seem to be pushed over a bit from the left side, but it at least shows up again.

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