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I need to reduce my images to as much as possible without loosing quality. I´ve heared somewhere that fireworks could do this in a better way than for example photoshop. Is this true, does anyone know of any other program that does this?

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See this: stackoverflow.com/a/7752936/199700 –  Chuck May 2 '13 at 13:27

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Although I've found Fireworks to be better at optimizing file sizes on PNG files, it does not do so consistently. I usually go with Fireworks simply because it is my preferred design app over Photoshop.

In cases where I need my PNGs to be as small as possible, I use the web-based http://punypng.com/. It almost always reduces file sizes over what Fireworks spits out, sometimes by as much as 40%.

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If you're using a Mac I'd recommend http://imageoptim.com since you just drag and drop the files. It saves the files in its original location. For Windows on Adobe AIR some people seem to like Shrink O'Matic - http://toki-woki.net/p/Shrink-O-Matic/

The problem with Photoshop and Fireworks is that you have to see the optimisation potential yourself and a lossless optimiser is more efficient.

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