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I used axis1 tool to generate my client from a WSDL. My problem is that I want to connect to a different host than the one on the WSDL. As such I did:

new BobsledWSHostLocator("http://localhost:8731/Bobsled/Core/?wsdl", new QName("http://lint.com/schemas/Bobsled", "BobsledWSHost"));

But when I try to comunicate with the host it still goes to the address I have on the wsdl from which I generated the client...when it should go to localhost.

I wanted to change the host address diagrammatically so I can have various hosts.

What am I missing?

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Try this:

BobsledWSHostLocator locator = new BobsledWSHostLocator();
BobsledWSHostService service = locator.getBobsledWSHostHttpPort(new URL("http://localhost:8731/Bobsled/Core/?wsdl"));
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I don't have a .getBobsledWSHostHttpPort...but I have for the other services...should I use it in each one? Isn't there a way to change all the ports at once? –  out_sid3r Mar 8 '12 at 15:18
Well, this is the way I set the endpoint in our services... –  nwinkler Mar 8 '12 at 15:26

Axis should also have generated a class ending in BindingStub, which has a constructor taking the URL of the webservice endpoint and a org.apache.axis.client.Service object which can be constructed given the QName of your service. It might look something like this:

new BobsledWSHostBindingStub(
    new URL("http://example.com/Bobsled/Core/"),
    new Service(new QName("http://lint.com/schemas/Bobsled", "BobsledWSHost")));

Edit: That is actually the same code that the get*Port method that nwinkler mentioned uses internally.

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Nope it didn't...only have BobsledWSHostLocator and BobsledWSHost (which is an Interface). I don't get it...if BobsledWSHostLocator can receive wsdlocator why doesn't it change the service address to localhost? –  out_sid3r Mar 8 '12 at 15:21

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