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I am making a button using MouseOverArea. After some trial and error, I realized I can override the methods in InputListener to do particular actions when an input event is notified.

For example, do things when mouse left button is pressed while cursor is over the component.

public void mousePressed(int button, int mx, int my) {
    if (isMouseOver() && button == Input.MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON) {
        // Some magic happens

However, I will not able to do things like changing current game state because no Game object around. I know there are many ways to solve this problem, but I would like to know what is the Slick way to do this.

Are these methods suitable for such behavior ?

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One way to modify game states is to use boolean states; Which are boolean variables that hold the state of the game or player. For example:

boolean isMovingUp, isMovingLeft, isMovingRight, isMovingDown;

You can then set these to true/false depending on what mouse or keyboard event takes place and your game class then read these variables, like so:

if (isMovingUp) {
  // do something
  isMovingUp = !isMovingUp;

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the quick responses. However, implement such logic inside the methods means these flags will only be updated after certain input events fired. What if I want a action executed only once ? I can reset the flag after the action is finished, but it seems weird for me to do such things outside the component itself. –  Rangi Lin Mar 8 '12 at 16:19

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