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I am running a simple php script on command line, I have modified my php.ini in /etc/php5/cli and added the following

foo.name   = john

However when I try to access it from my script it doesn't show, I do a php -i | grep "foo" and also see nothing, I edited a php setting for example short_open_tag and switched it off and checked it using php -i | grep "short_open_tag" and it worked fine. I have also done a phpinfo(); within my script, ran it and piped the output through grep and still no joy.

Any ideas ?

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I don't believe that you can just arbitrarily add your own settings to php.ini and then expect them to be available to your script -- they have to be settings that the compiled modules know about. You're probably better off using an environment variable via getenv() and putenv(). Or, save your settings in a different ini file and then parse it yourself with parse_ini_file().

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