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Can anyone help me with a full page slide to the left and right. I want to create a fixed header with the links and want to slide the bottom div to the left or right. sample webpage

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For this example, lets say your main content is x pixels wide.

Create a large div that is 3x pixels wide, which contains 3 inline divs x pixels wide each.

You can now simulate the sliding by adjusting the margin-left of the outermost div. When margin-left is 0, the leftmost child div will be visible. When it equals-x, the middle content will show, and so on.

Make sure you set overflow:hidden for the outer div.

This should be enough to get you started. Unless you were looking for someone to code it for you.

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Look at supersized, it's a jquery plugin , http://buildinternet.com/project/supersized/slideshow/3.2/demo.html

also google for jquery full page sliders, there are tons of them

ex: http://machoarts.com/21-beautiful-jquery-sliders-for-your-next-project

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Ive used http://srobbin.com/jquery-plugins/pageslide/ successfully for this purpose

though you need to set width to 100% in jquery.pageslide.css

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