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I am using the state_machine gem to model a card game, and I have a transition condition that requires knowing the event arguments when drawing a card. Here is some example code.

class CardGame
  state_machine do
    before_transition :drawing_card => any, :do => :drawn_card
    event :draw_card
      transition :drawing_card => :end_of_round, :if => lambda {|game|
        # Check goes here, I require knowing which card was taken
        # which is passed as arguments to the event (:ace, :spaces)

  def drawn_card(value, suit)
    # I can access the event arguments in the transition callbacks

game = CardGame.new
game.draw_card(:ace, :spades)

I am thinking an alternative is to set the card suit and value on the object as variables, but it is much messier than using arguments to the event.

Thanks in advance :)

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The main issue here is that a state machine probably doesn't belong in your CardGame class. Game state lies elsewhere. There are four main domain models I can see:

  • Card
  • Deck
  • Hand
  • Game

A Game will have one or more Decks (each of 52 Cards) and one or more Hands. (You might even want to have a Player class, where a player has-a Hand, your call).

As an example, a Deck will probably have a shuffle! and a deal method. A Hand will have a play method. This is where the rule logic might live.

The Game class will primarily consist of a loop such as the following:

def run

More devil in the detail of course but you might find this approach more refreshing and easier to test.

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+1 I'd agree with Olly. If I find myself trying to work around limitations of state_machine it probably indicates I am using it for the wrong purpose. A good indicator here is you have a state called :drawing_card which doesn't sound like a state the Game may be in but rather a state a Deck deck may be in which of itself is an indicator you haven't broken the domain down enough. –  james2m Mar 12 '12 at 22:27

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