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I'm trying to create a view that only houses reusable HTML blocks that can be used by other views. Wanted to know if something like this is possible:

In views.home.common.scala.html:

@component1 = {
  some common html
@component2 = {
  some other stuff

In views.home.sample.scala.html:

import home._


Haven't had any luck thus far and I don't see anything similar in the samples but the idea is covered in the Template common use cases.

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I was having this same issue. What I did was defining for each common block a file and then import the package that contains all those files.

For example:

In views.common.component1.scala.html:

    Common component 1

In views.common.component2.scala.html:

    Common component 2

In views.main.scala.html:

@(content: Html)

@import common._

<!DOCTYPE html>
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