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I have a batch script that launches a tomcat server. The script starts the service, which unpacks the files and folders in the "webapps" directory. I want to copy image files (that are added by the customer) into the webapps directory so they can be used by the server. However i need to wait until the folder has been unpacked so that the directory exists before i can add the images to it, what command or commands could i used to make this happen (apart from just waiting an arbitrary long enough time)

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I am no expert at this stuff but this works for me

@echo OFF
if not exist c:\abc GOTO WAIT

:: pause for 1 second
ping > nul


The ping is to put a 1 second pause between each check if the folder or file exists.

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Well whether or not you are an expert your solution worked like a charm :) – kbenderJavaCoder Mar 8 '12 at 18:20

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