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I have a jQuery Mobile app. For this example, I'm using two pages: Movies (index.html - #moviesPage) and Profile (profile.html - #profilePage). These are both linked to in my my navbar in the data-role="footer" div.

It seems the navbar would need to link to profile.html first (to load and cache the content and data) and then to #profilePage after it had first been visited. Additionally, the ui-btn-active class is not present on the #moviesPage nav button when I return to the page. Is there any easy solution to this need for dual linking or do I just need to create some javascript to change the links once a page has first been visited. Do I even need dual linking or is there some way in jQuery Mobile to just have the link as profile.html and it will know if it has already been visited to load the cached content?

One possible solution I've started on is where once a page is visited sessionStorage.profilePage = 'visited' and if visited its link in the navbar changes from profile.html to #profilePage. I also have put together the following to take care of the ui-btn-active issue.

var activePage = $('div[data-role*="page"]').attr("id");

if (activePage == "moviesPage") {
  //Add class="ui-btn-active" to #moviesLink

This is a follow-up question to my original question here: jQuery Mobile: Dynamic content not loading when I return to a page

Thank you for any additional thoughts or insights into this. -Mark

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