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I have a dropdownlist which is declared as follows:

<select onchange="reloadValues(this,event);">
... options here 

When the user change the selection reloadValues is invoked and everything works perfectly. Now, I want to add the reloadValues when the user adds a new row which contains the dropdownlist so I did the following:


The reloadValues function is shown below:

 function reloadValues(obj, event) {
            var ele = obj.parentElement.parentElement;
            var select2 = ele.cells[2].childNodes[1]; // ele.cells is empty when invoking // the reloadValues on demand through another method. 

Any ideas!

obj.parentElement.parentElement is a TR element
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I hit this problem once because I was accessing cells before the <tr> element was added to the document. At least Internet Explorer 8 returns an empty cell collection in this situation.

So, try appending rowToBeAdded to your table before calling reloadValues().

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